Cali Stripe Live Resin Strain Review : Motor Breath

Welcome to the Lakeside Remedy blog, Navigating Legal Marijuana. In this forum, we intend to discuss anything cannabis, with a focus on product description. It’s our hope that this blog acts as a guide for the cannabis consumer in their purchasing decisions. In today’s post we are detailing  Motor Breath, a live resin concentrate manufactured by Cali Stripe.

An indica dominant hybrid, Motor Breath is a cross of two legendary strains, Chemdog and SFV OG Kush. With parents like that, it’s not surprising that this strain is known for it’s “diesel and gas” flavor. Listed as an indica hybrid, this strain has a heavy, sedative stone, and is best used for combating insomnia and body pain. If your an OG fan, this strain is a must try. It’s flavor and high is reminiscent of the famed OG, making it’s way around California in the 2010’s.

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