Concentrates: Live Resin Vs Cali Stripe Live Rosin Strain

As you look through our blog here at Lakeside Remedy, you’ll learn about all things Navigating Legal Marijuana can offer. We discuss everything cannabis, though we often like to focus on product description. 

It’s our hope that this blog can act as a guide to help with your purchase decisions. You deserve to be fully informed as a cannabis consumer. As you learn more about a product, you’ll get a better idea for why each product graces our shelves. In our guide today, we want to spotlight the live rosin from Cali Stripe, OGZ28.

What is Live Rosin?

One of the latest crazes to sweep the cannabis market, live rosin is a potent product. While they’re often the most expensive product per gram at dispensaries, they’re also completely worth it. You’re paying for both the labor and the quality of the starting materials.

Live rosin is made with absolutely no solvents. This makes a difference when you compare live rosin to the more massively produced butane hash oils. Crafted from terpene- and trichome-rich plants, strains for live resin are bred from the start for greatness.

The finished product offers one of the purest flavors on the market. For cannabis connoisseurs, live rosin is heavily sought after. You’ll find there’s a reason customers like picking it up wherever they can get their hands on it.

How is Live Rosin Made?

Put simple, rosin is one of the easiest concentrates to extract from cannabis. In fact, it’s so simple that users can make their own live rosin at home with a hair straightener. It won’t be as pure or have the same quality as the live rosin strains from Cali Stripe, for example, but it’s an excellent example.

Live rosin is made by exposing cannabis to high pressure and heat simultaneously. Using parchment paper and a flat iron, you can make your own version of rosin at home. For users looking for higher-quality cannabis concentrates, live rosin might become your new go-to.

What is Live Resin?

Also a concentrate, live resin is potent and sticky. It’s been growing in popularity throughout the cannabis community for the past few years. While it’s a different product compared to live rosin, the two do share some similarities.

Firstly, live resin also retains much of the terpenoid profile from the plant. This lets you keep all the precious trichomes, cannabinoids, and other potent compounds. Overall, you’re looking at a dank, flavorful product that some users now flock to.

How is Live Resin Made?

Unlike live rosin, live resin is extracted through a process that involves solvents. After harvest, the cannabis plant is immediately frozen. Then, the extraction process typically uses carbon dioxide or ethanol. 

While the chemicals are removed in a later step, some users prefer the pure flavor they can get from live rosin. Though live resin can often be more potent, it comes down to the preference of each cannabis consumer.

Difference in Live Resin and Live Rosin

Another term you might hear get thrown around is “live resin.” What’s the difference between live resin and live rosin, though? Well, live rosin is actually something completely different. 

Resin is your more common, everyday kind of butane hash oil. Made from chemicals, it’s not as flavorful as live rosin. Likewise, rosin is made purely from pressure and heat. You can technically make your own live rosin at home if you have cannabis, wax paper, and a hair straightener.

When it comes to taste, most people prefer live rosin. It’s rich in terpenes and other aromatic molecules. Rosin also tends to be incredibly potent. It’s a win-win for those that like the finer things in life.

What is Live Rosin from Cali Stripe Like?

The live rosin we want to spotlight today, OGZ28, was made proudly by Cali Stripe. It’s a harmonious blend of its parents; a perfect cross of OG Kush and Zkittlez. The Zkittles side of its lineage helps provide the consumer a sweet, candy-like taste. 

Its OG roots are more subtle, but you’ll notice it in the exhale. That lip smacking, gassy flavor is something OG lovers are all too familiar with. In fact, it’s a trait in OG strains to have that signature flavor, so it’s something you’ll likely enjoy, too.

Now, the texture of OGZ28 is decadent for live rosin. Soft and smooth, it’s very easy to work with. You’ll find yourself pulling off pieces like they’re butter.

The High from Live Rosin

Lastly, let’s talk about the high. What can you expect? For our spotlight from Cali Stripe, users report an intense, clear, and calming high. 

Overall, it puts people in an excellent mood, coupled with a strong body effect. A truly gourmet product, this type of live rosin is top notch for its kind. For those fortunate enough to give it a try, it’s sure to be a strain you savor.

What is a Live Rosin Cartridge?

One of the ways to consume live rosin that’s growing in popularity is through cartridges. A live rosin cartridge is the perfect way for a cannabis user to have a discreet, simple method of use. 

You can work with pre-filled, handheld vaporizers that use disposable cartridges for the most convenience. There are also some products that aren’t available in cartridge form. Those can be vaped with an e-rig or other portable vaporizer. 

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