Claim: Weed, slang for the cannabis plant, can “kill coronavirus,” according to a screenshot of what looked like a newscast shared by several Facebook pages.

FALSE- Can Weed Kill Coronavirus?

The screenshot shows a photo of cannabis with the headline “BREAKING NEWS: WEED KILLS CORONAVIRUS.” It does not show the title of the program, but the screenshot has “LIVE” at the upper left corner. Below the headline, the subhead says, “Scientists are shocked to discover that weed kills coronavirus.”

Facebook Claim Check flagged at least 3 pages that posted the screenshot, which was shared from February 3 to 4. As of writing, the posts’ combined shares have reached over 12,500, and have accumulated more than 3,700 reactions and 723 comments.

Rating: FALSE

The facts: As of Tuesday, February 18, the World Health Organization (WHO) said “there is still no specific medicine recommended to prevent or treat” the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).
China reportedly approved the first antiviral drug against 2019-nCoV on Monday, February 17, but the WHO has yet to approve it. The Philippines’ Department of Health further said the country’s Food and Drug Administration also has to approve the drug first before it can enter the Philippine market.

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