Cannabiotix Flower Strain Review : Wedding Cake

Welcome to the Lakeside Remedy blog, Navigating Legal Marijuana. In this forum, we intend to discuss anything cannabis, with a focus on product description. It’s our hope that this blog acts as a guide for the cannabis consumer in their purchasing decisions. In today’s post we are detailing the strain Wedding Cake, grown by Cannabiotix.

Wedding Cake is the result of crossing Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. A mouthwatering fruity hybrid caked in crystals, Wedding Cake smokes even batter than it looks. This spicy, gassy flower immediately dominates the users pallet. Reminiscent of the “diesel” strains in the early 2000’s, before a lot of them were watered down with heavy yielding crosses or high testers. Relaxing, soothing and sedative effects that can come on rather quickly, Wedding Cake is best suited for the experienced user. It’s helpful for those who are looking for natural alternatives for insomnia, pain relief and anxiety.

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