Obviously, it’s too soon to find any dependable research on CBD’s or THC’s effect on COVID-19, but it can help ease certain flu-like symptoms.

In the interim, we can share a few things about cannabis and general wellness amid all the confusion in the current environment and market conditions.

And while we are seeing the stock markets and public cannabis companies deal with a daily roller coaster of investor fears, there are some positives going on for retailers.  Tensions are definitely running high in California (and everywhere) over coronavirus-related health concerns, the cancelation of numerous public events and the new normal of working from home.  Local cannabis companies and delivery services say they’re seeing an uptick in business in these trying times.  Californians are turning to CBD and THC products to combat anxieties and stocking up like they are with bottled water and toilet paper.  JP De Guzman,  Founder and CEO of Trestl (a licensed brand operation in the Bay Area) states “we have seen an increased request in delivery orders during the pandemic and are proud to offer our customers assistance in dealing with this unprecedented ordeal.”

So, how does THC or CBD help?

During a normal flu season, marijuana smokers know what needs to be done.  Pay attention to everyone’s cough patterns during a smoke session.  Don’t accept wet blunts from anyone’s mouth.  And if you think you’re coming down with something, try to heat up the mouthpiece before passing the pipe/bong.
Currently, things are a bit more serious.  We are dealing with multiple citywide quarantines, global economic disruption, and a pandemic being compared to the worst ones in history.  Everyone in the community is re-evaluating their inventory and habits.

So, what do we know?

When it comes to the regular flu symptoms, CBD has been found to help support immune systems, ease certain symptoms, and replace OTC pain relievers, sleep aids, and medicated lozenges currently taking up space in our medicine cabinet.  But not just any CBD will do, and CBD alone won’t do it all.
As we have all heard repeatedly, the best course of action right now is to keep vigorously washing your hands, cover your coughs/sneezes, avoid large crowds and events, and be a bit more careful with your pipes and joints.
But if you find yourself feeling you might be coming down with something, for whatever reason, here are a few things to know about how cannabis might help ease symptoms:
1- CBD is helpful for supporting our immune system – Way more research is required to accurately assess the relationship between the immune and endocannabinoid systems, but it’s well established that CBD helps reduce self-harming autoimmune and inflammatory responses.  CBD is known to ramp the immune system up and down as the body needs.
Tip: Purchase some Full-spectrum CBD oil that can be added to your favorite beverage or simply taken alone as part of a regular wellness routine.
2- THC/Cannabis is helpful for bronchial assistance – According to medical research, cannabis can act as a medication that opens the airways of the lungs by relaxing bronchial muscles.  This doesn’t mean to smoke heavily if you’re already fighting a respiratory illness, but if you’re loaded up with phlegm, using a tabletop vaporizer to smoothly inhale flower with a high concentration of alpha-pinene—a known bronchial assist—could support easier breathing.
Tip: Purchase some CBD-rich flower with the aroma of evergreen trees and consists of alpha-pinene in its terpene profile.
3- THC/Cannabis can act as an antibacterial army – There has been research into the antibacterial activity of all five major cannabinoids, but a recent study found that cannabigerol is particularly effective in attacking bacteria and can be a huge factor in controlling its spread.
4- CBD to fight pain- CBD is popular for its effectiveness as a pain reliever, mostly due to its anti-inflammatory effects.  But anyone who’s bought CBD can tell you that its viability varies greatly from product to product and brand to brand, so do your homework.  The effectiveness of CBD isolate can range from incredible to useless, so check the lab results of the brand you purchase and repeat buy based on your results.  We tend to see the analogy of creatine use with the fitness community likened to CBD use with the cannabis community.  Creatine needs glucose to maximize its effects for many, just like a full flower combo of THC/CBD can maximize the effects of CBD.

So, while all of this information is relatively new – do your own research, try different products and formulate a legitimate and helpful routine to your own daily life to increase your overall health and wellness.

Credits to: ThePot.com and Trestl.com