What does this story have to do with Full Spectrum Hemp?

This is an important article given how many people take digestive medications like Nexium without even thinking that there might be other consequences. But as this article alludes, there are bigger issues than just Nexium.

Look, no one is against prescription drugs for people who truly need them. But we live in a society now where we think that there is a pill for everything and that the pills have no downside. That is simply not the case. If there is a natural, full spectrum plant remedy available that can be substituted for pharma then I am all in favor of it.

Let’s look, for example, at digestive issues. Over 75 percent of the adult population suffer from some type of digestive disorder. These disorders have propelled pharmaceuticals like Nexium to top 5 drugs with over 15 million prescriptions being written monthly – not to mention the tens of millions of bottles of Nexium sold over the counter in drug stores and grocery stores.

Nexium, the seemingly harmless “Purple Pill” that was meant to offer relief from heartburn, is now being implicated in cancer, intestinal infections, bone wasting and fractures, kidney disease, heart attacks and most recently dementia. Perhaps worse, Nexium is now being called “Purple Crack,” as it has been shown to be highly addictive and to cause the hyper-acidosis condition it is meant to treat.

Adding to the madness, Nexium is now being prescribed to infants who spit up! That’s right, modern medicine has now turned completely normal infant behavior into a pathological condition needing drug treatment.

Then there are bacteria. Bacterial infections are real and can cause serve damage if untreated by antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics, however, is widely documented. Even the FDA is intervening to try to stop the over prescribing of antibiotics and the overuse of antibiotics in food producing animals. Despite this, tens of millions of antibiotic prescriptions are written monthly.

Unfortunately, we now know that aside from causing future bacterial resistance, antibiotics are now implicated in brain and mood disorders, asthma, autoimmune diseases, acne and even autism.

When are we going to stop the medical madness?

Full and broad-spectrum hemp is great for digestive disorders, as an anti-bacterial agent and as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Hemp isn’t meant to replace all pharmaceutical use, just that people should try less harmful, more benign solutions to pharmaceuticals whenever possible.