In general, there are a lot of opinions out there when it comes to cannabis, hemp and CBD in specific. Opinions are nice and we should to respect them, especially when they are offered by intelligent experts in the absence of real science. But whenever possible, we should be all about facts. And the fact that we want to discuss today is a very important one. That fact is that science has proven, within a shadow of a doubt, that the health benefits of fruits, vegetables and other whole plants are due to the synergy or interactions between the different bioactive compounds and nutrients present in the whole plant, and not to the action of a sole compound like an isolate, whether it be an amino acid in a pea or a pectin in an apple. Let that statement simmer a bit and seep deep into your consciousness.

As part of the plant kingdom, the same is true for Cannabis too. All of the great, amazing cannabis based therapeutics exist in humans via synergistic or antagonistic interactions between the various phytochemicals in the whole plant. PERIOD. These interactions may occur through a wide variety of mechanisms but there is no question of their existence.  Various cannabinoids in addition to CBD, terpenes and flavonoids act together to cause far greater benefits than any of them can deliver alone. The potential for phytocannabinoid-terpene synergy is so great the best product scientists are now working on ways to tailor novel therapeutic treatments such as CBD-terpene extracts to be used against acne, MRSA, depression, anxiety, insomnia, dementia and addictions.