Most everyone with a beginner’s knowledge of cannabis gets confused between THC and CBD. While both are cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, THC is typically derived from marijuana while CBD is typically derived from hemp. While THC is intoxicating in the body and can cause those feelings associated with being “high”, CBD is incapable of producing similar effects. In fact, CBD is not only non-intoxicating, it is also anti-intoxicating as it will lessen the high feelings associated with THC.

The basic misunderstanding between THC and CBD is never more apparent than in pain relief. Many people believe that marijuana or THC is necessary for pain relief and that hemp or CBD by itself will not be as effective. You might be surprised to find out that THC would never be considered a “pain killer” by researchers in a classical sense; rather, it is more of a “pain distractor.” When THC enters the brain, it affects the midcingulate cortex, changing the way you are perceiving pain impulses. It has little to do with alleviating the actual source of the pain.

Pain in the body normally is a result of inflammation due to injury, illness, etc. and it is that inflammation that directly causes uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating pain throughout the body. CBD and CBG, much more so than THC, has been proven in multiple peer reviewed studies to help eliminate inflammation and therefore CBD is a much better analgesic or pain killer. In other words, THC from marijuana is NOT necessary for pain relief, while CBD from hemp will be very effective in reducing inflammation and eliminating pain whether in conjunction with THC or not.