Glowing Buddha Edible Review : Gummies

Here at our Lakeside Remedy blog, Navigating Legal Marijuana, we want to welcome you. Throughout this blog, we discuss anything and everything related to cannabis. We often like to focus on product descriptions to give you a deeper look into why we’ve selected the products we carry and why a particular cannabis product might be right for you.

It’s our goal to be transparent and informative so that we can help cannabis consumers in their purchasing decisions. Today, we want to put the spotlight on the wonderfully intense edibles manufactured by Glowing Buddha.


What is Glowing Buddha?

Glowing Buddha is a Sonoma County-based company known for producing high-quality gummy edibles that are also affordable. They have an exquisite gummy line of diverse flavors to fit different tastes. There’s currently Sour Watermelon, Strawberry, Chili Mango, Pineapple, and Grape. This vast array of flavors offers even the most specific palate a product that both medicates and tastes great.


How are Glowing Buddha Gummies Made?

We can’t get over the fact that each gummy is handcrafted. Handmade! You can really taste the glow (and the absolute delicious flavor) in each bite. Sweet, sour, savory—Glowing Buddha offers it all.

Based out of Sonoma County, Glowing Buddha produces their cannabis edibles in a clean, state-of-the-art facility. They also only use premium, lab-tested ingredients. The company has an obsession with perfection, which we certainly can’t complain about.

This obsession with perfection helps them craft new, amazing flavors. Most importantly, it also means that Glowing Buddha is dedicated to ensuring those flavors are consistent, accurate, and potent. To keep everything 100% compliant, all Glowing Buddha products are third-party tested.

The gummies are terpene-free, but made with a distillate that allows for a homogeneous mix. They also opt to use inhalable grade distillate instead of only food-grade. Food-grade distillate has the potential to contain pesticides even if the product passes lab tests. Inhalable requires a higher grade of cleanliness since it’s cleared to go directly in our lungs.


Are Glowing Buddha Gummies Gluten Free and Vegan?

Handcrafted in Sonoma County, each gummy is carefully made with their precise ingredients and all Glowing Buddha gummies are gluten free and 100% vegan. Each gummy only contains 2.2 grams of sugar, totaling just 130 calories per 10-pack. Just be mindful that the products are made in a facility that also processes milk, wheat, soy, coconut, and tree nuts.


Can I Trust the Ingredients?

Each gummy is handcrafted to make the finest possible gummy, down to every detail of the ingredients and the testing. Every batch is made with inhalable grade distillate. It’s then triple lab-tested by a third-party lab for consistency and accuracy. You’re looking at zero pesticides, zero hashy aftertaste—just flavor and pure potency. Glowing Buddha is confident in their work.


What is the Dose of Glowing Buddha Gummies?

Time to get to the good stuff. Every Glowing Buddha edible is made to have the perfect consistency, texture, and taste. With the aforementioned (and nominal) 2.2 grams of sugar in each individual gummy, they can also be a guilt-free edible. Glowing Buddha works hard to ensure every gummy has a precise strength of 10mg THC, so you can rely on the consistency. 

This makes Glowing Buddha gummies easy to microdose by halving or quartering a gummy. It’s a breeze to narrow in on your preferred dosage strength. Whether you’re a medical user or enjoy edibles recreationally, you can find value in these gummies.


Are Glowing Buddha Gummies Expensive?

One of the plus sides to shopping Glowing Buddha products is their affordability. They boast low prices for luxury-grade quality. Priced under $20 per package of ten, you can be sure to receive a quality product at an affordable price. 


How Strong is a Glowing Buddha Edible?

Now, let’s get into how the gummies might make you feel. Are they really worth the hype? Plenty of users would agree that they are. Glowing Buddha gummies rank high on many users’ lists, including our team favorites. 

Potency is part of the value with this one, and it comes in different forms. Depending on the formulation you select, you may get a head high that takes you to the moon. You might experience an extra strength kind of body high. Or, you might get to experience both! The package will indicate the product’s intended effects.

The flavor? Exceptional. The experience? Exquisite. You don’t want to pass up how a Glowing Buddha edible can make you feel.


What are its Effects?

To go more into detail, we want to touch on the actual effects you might feel. Everyone is different, so you may experience less, more, or a combination of these effects. Most cannabis consumers who love Glowing Buddha look forward to the somewhat giddy vibe these gummies tend to impart.

These edible products are crafted from a hybrid strain. As such, you might expect a combination of relaxed but focused effects. Maybe you’ll feel like you can get more work done. Or, you might decide to just chill and watch a documentary. The typically midline effects give you the power to choose, which is something to like on its own.

Some users add that they feel aroused, energized, or even both. Like we said, cannabis affects everyone slightly differently due to body composition and the state of each person’s endocannabinoid system. As always,start low and go slow the first time so you get to know how your body jives with the product.  What’s the general consensus? You’re likely to really enjoy how it does hit you.


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