There are various researches that have proved the positive effects of the utilization of cannabis. The Department of Health and Human Services was granted with a patent for neuroprotectants and cannabinoids. It was based on the evidence that cannabis can reduce the neurological damaged caused by various health issues like trauma or stroke. As well as it can be for the cases of different neurodegenerative health problems like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, dementia and HIV.
However, it does not mean that all the compounds that are present in cannabis will have positive effects on your brain and body. There are various compounds in cannabis that have negative effects on the mind and body. Research has shown that continuous use of THC rich cannabis can reduce the size of the hippocampus. This part of the brain is involved in controlling anxiety, cognitive performance and controlling stress. However, the effects on the size of the brain cells mean that these parts of the brain will not be working effectively. It means that you might have to suffer from all those problems once again that you have been consuming cannabis. However, the neuroscientists in Australia conducted a research to find out whether CBD can help to restore the damage done by cannabis. After giving 50 mg of cannabis for 10 days to people who are regular smokers of cannabis the experts found that most of the parts of the hippocampus were restored. However, there are some important things you need to understand regarding this experiment.

Restorative Effects

After giving CBD for 10 days the experts found that most of the CA1 subfields and subicular parts of the brain were restored. It was a positive effect that determined the positive effects of CBD. On the other hand, during the placebo-controlled trial, it was found that replication of cells is required to have positive effects that experts want. The restorative properties of CBD were shown in the people who have been using cannabis for a long time for medicinal and recreational purposes. It proves that CBD cannot only help with various health problems but also help to restore the damaged cells of the brain.

How CBD can restore damaged brain cells

Protective Role of CBD

During the research, another effect of CBD that experts found was the protective effect. They noticed that after they injected CBD in the regular cannabis smokers, the parts of the brain that were not previously damaged were not undergoing any kind of damage. This made it clear that CBD will not only restore the cells and parts of the brain which have been previously damaged but also it will help to protect the healthy brain cells from any kind of further damage.

Bottom Line

Utilization of CBD for the restoration of brain cells might be a good idea. However, experts have to study the effects on other brain-damaging diseases as well to assure which type of patients should use CBD for brain cell restoration.