In the Midst of the Current Pandemic, Honest Marijuana Company’s Sound Packaging Choice Keeps Cannabis Free of Contaminants and Ready for Pickup

Since we are still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, making sure products are ultra-clean and ready for takeout is the new norm for businesses. Honest Marijuana Company has this all down pat, as they package their cannabis in individual tin cans that are ready for a quick pickup! In contrast to the many companies using plastic container packaging that doesn’t properly preserve cannabis, Honest Marijuana Company’s tin cans maintain top-notch preservation not only in retail, but also throughout the supply chain. 

This recyclable tin can packaging uses pure nitrogen instead of oxygen to keep Honest Marijuana Company’s cannabis ultra clean, free of any contaminants, and of the highest possible quality and integrity. The product is sealed for freshness and free from possible contamination coming from the Honest Marijuana Company facility to your favorite smoking device. Impermeable to oxygen and residual humidity, the tin cans are also inert to temperature fluctuations, meaning that they don’t secrete any chemical compounds that will kill the fresh aroma of the cannabis terpenes.

Because of all of this, Honest Marijuana Company’s eco-friendly packaging allows for their product to stay in its purest form and not be deteriorated by light or oxygen. Thus, when you open that eighth or that terpy concentrate, you see, smell and taste everything exactly the same way the Honest Marijuana Company growery staff do. The tin cans’ nitrogen-sealing preserves the freshness of the buds and allows for longer transport and extended shelf life. This keeps the cannabis fresh for years to come!

Due to their revolutionary tin can packaging, Honest Marijuana Company’s cannabis products are exactly the same way they were when they first came off the plant. When their customers open up a fresh can, they can experience that newly-trimmed, lush texture. With this pioneering packaging, Honest Marijuana Company hopes to inspire other cannabis businesses to place a greater focus on cleanliness and ease of cannabis pickup in the current and post-coronavirus pandemic era. 

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