Marijuana Strain Review: Apple Fritter by Lumpy’s Flower

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In this guide today, we want to touch on everything you need to know about our Apple Fritter strain. Grown and bred by Lumpy’s Flowers, it’s a potent strain that deserves some spotlight. Let’s dig into our detailed strain review on Lumpy’s Flower strain, Apple Fritter.

What is an Apple Fritter Strain?

This is one of the true hybrid strains. Apple Fritter has long-since been known for its powerful but relaxing high. With secretive origins, it has an aroma and flavor all its own. Sweet and earthy, with perhaps the hint of a light cheesy apple pastry.

As you might imagine, the strain gives off the flavor of its namesake dessert. Let your taste buds fill with its lightly cakey and vanilla warmth. Exhale the super sweet fruity taste from the apple side. At 22 

Why Users Love the Apple Fritter Strain

There’s a lot to love about this strain. Many users enjoy a good hybrid, which is why they’re no stranger to Apple Fritter. Also known as Apple Fritters, it’s a rare strain because it’s so evenly balanced. It’s seldom that you get bud that’s a 50% indica, 50% sativa split.

Has it Won Any Awards?

To date, Apple Fritter is an award winner. It’s best known for making the “World’s Strongest Strains” High Times’ 2016 list. More than that, it offers a hard-hitting high with a powerfully scrumptious flavor that’ll have you begging for just one more taste. 

Is the Apple Fritter Strain a Sativa or Indica?

An even hybrid, Apple Fritter is a 50/50 sativa/indica strain. It offers the best of both worlds, generating effect from both its sativa and indica lineage. Though it offers balance, it has the appearance of an indica strain. Chunky, purple hued buds will grace our presence when you’re enjoying cannabis like this.

In fact, Apple Fritter is quite the looker. It has spade-shaped, deep olive green nugs with an even deeper purple undertone. Vivid orange pistils stick out all across each bud. It’s tremendously thick coating of tiny white crystal trichomes adds to its flavor.

What are Apple Fritters’ Effects?

While it looks like an indica strain, Apple Fritter makes for a perfect daytime strain. Its effects aren’t overpowering, so you can still feel clear headed. It also doesn’t bring the rapid heartbeat and rush of anxiety that some strains do.

Though it’s not overpowering, many users do find Apple Fritter to be strong. Even those with a high tolerance can feel its effects after just one hit. While everyone is different, it’s a worthy contender for medical and recreational users alike.

As far as those that use cannabis as medicine, the strain may help relieve a number of symptoms. Stress, stabilizing mood swings, alleviating insomnia, depression, and chronic pain relief are all potentials. Everyone is different, so you’ll have to test out how the strain affects you. Overall, though, it does appear to have a variety of positive benefits for medical users.

How Much Can the Strain Yield?

The average Apple Fritter harvest can yield 12 to 14 ounces per square meter if you’re growing indoors. Otherwise, you’ll yield 14 to 16 per square meter outdoors. We aren’t talking about harvesting a delicious dessert reminiscent of apple pie, y’all. 

Is Apple Fritter a Cookies Strain?

As it happens, Apple Fritter hails from two legendary Cookies strains. Animal Cookies and Sour Apple were crossed to make this decadent cannabis plant. That’s two remarkable strains that are both award-winning in their own right. Just picture how deliciously dank Apple Fritter must be when bred from those.

Its earthy flavor reminds many users of its Animal Cookies lineage side. The Sour Apple bite comes in later, but it is there. A strain sure to impress, you’ll see what we mean when you take that first hit.

When Should You Use Apple Fritter?

Because it’s such an even hybrid, many users are in debate about when the best time to use it is. Sure, it can be used as a daytime strain because it can keep you clear-headed. After enough puffs, though, any strain can be an intense ride.

One thing users seem to agree on is that the strain helps you enjoy your evening without losing your cool. It works as a daytime and evening strain, so it comes down to your preference. If you prefer consuming cannabis all throughout the day and evening, then maybe it can be as versatile as you.

Wrapping Up: Should You Try it?

As you can see, there’s a lot to love about Apple Fritter. Not only is it a beloved dessert for many, but it’s also a tasty cannabis strain. When you think of the name, it’s often the dessert that comes to mind first. It’s just another reason the strain was so aptly named. 

The question still stands, though. Should you give it a try? Well, it runs between 24% and 25% THC. As an even hybrid, 50/50 sativa/indica, you can enjoy some of the effects from both sides. While it’s a high-THC strain, it’s not technically overly high. Essentially, if you’re feeling adventurous, or you’re just looking for a new strain to try, maybe this is a sign. Apple Fritter always deserves more love.

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