NOVEMBER 12 + 13, 2020

Featuring Cannabis brands, Rove, Loaded, Five Star Extracts, Kurvana, Flower Factory, Dime, ALT and many more 

Also featuring Immersia Talks from Rick Ross, Gary Payton, Beard Bros, Bert McCracken, Jason Pinsky and many more

Dispensaries participating such as Haven, Catalyst, King’s Crew, Medicine Women, WHTC and many more

SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 – LOS ANGELES, CA – IMMERSIA, a new comprehensive storytelling platform for people to engage and discover the benefits of cannabis and overall wellness, has announced their debut event IMMERSIA Connect, which will take place on November 12 + 13. Immersia Connect is set to be a virtual event that will bring together a proprietary B2B virtual trade show platform as well as a virtual community with the goal of promoting cannabis and wellness. View a trailer for the event here: 


Members of the cannabis industry (brands and buyers) can register now. 

Brand registration: 

Buyer registration: 

Immersia Connect Virtual Trade Show: Immersia Connect is a virtual trade show powered by a proprietary platform built with the sole purpose of executing a true virtual cannabis trade show.  The event will be integrating Matterport technology allowing you to see the products in 3D virtual storefronts connecting 100 of the top cannabis brands in California with the most important and influential buyers in the state with a great collection of buyers and brands already confirmed.


Immersia Talks is a series of video interviews that will be featured during IMMERSIA Connect.  Interviewees range from celebrities, athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, brands and luminaries in the cannabis space telling their cannabis story with a collection of great personalities already confirmed.  


The Immersia Connect Virtual Event on November 12 + 13, 2020 is the Cannabis Virtual Platform that will meet your needs.

“We built Immersia Connect with both brands and buyers in mind,” says the Immersia team. “Focusing on a clean design, seamless integrations, and a user-friendly experience that will be beneficial for both brands and buyers alike, while also providing curated content committed to cultivating the benefits of cannabis wellness and the de-stigmatization of the plant through Immersia talks.”

While Immersia Connect is limited to trade industry, the general public will be able to join the conversation through IMMERSIA Talks, a series of pre-recorded video and live interviews and informational discussions in a TED talks style format that will be featured during the virtual trade show.

Guests like Rick Ross, Gary Payton, Jason Pinsky, Bert McCracken (The Used), David Draiman (Disturbed), The Beard Bros, and more represent a broad spectrum of cannabis users who have compelling personal stories about their relationship with cannabis and its positive effects on their health & well-being. 

The goal of this series is to shed light on the immense healing powers of cannabis in the face of adverse mental & physical health conditions, alcohol & drug dependency, and more. The faster we overcome the stigma of cannabis use the faster we’ll unlock and harness all the benefits of The Plant.

IMMERSIA’s mission is to educate the masses on Cannabis Wellness.  The platform is driven to be a voice, a virtual commerce and knowledge hub and a live event producer laser focused on being an important platform for cannabis wellness and the de-stigmatization of the plant.

Sample list of confirmed brands ALT, Dime Industries, Five Star Extracts, Flower Factory, Freeway, Heavy Grass, Clique MJ, Hollister Cannabis Co, Jade House, Kurvana, La King Pins, Loaded, Rove, Seabright Farms, Stoneroad, Terraform, Times Two, Zanna and more! 

For more information on Immersia Connect: 

For more information on becoming a brand or buyer, email 



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