CBD oil and other CBD products are everywhere these days and it seems like we can’t even go a few hours without overhearing someone ranting about the glorious benefits of CBD and hemp/hemp oil and how wonderfully it has affected their life—it cured their chronic pain, got rid of their anxiety, and it has a million health benefits, I am sure you have heard at some point. Sure, people can be a little dramatic or exaggerate the benefits that a product has had on their life, but when it comes to cannabidiol (CBD) and its potent ability to soothe a wide variety of physical and emotional ailments, more people are queuing up to give it a try and experience the benefits for themselves.
There is only one problem with CBD oil and that is the taste. While some of us actually quite like the earthy taste of a hemp plant, the majority of users of CBD products think it tastes utterly vile.And while it doesn’t need to be taken in large quantities and you can avoid overloading your taste buds by dropping a tincture under your tongue, many people are looking for a more pleasant tasting alternative.

Introducing CBD Gummies

Buying the Best CBD Gummies: What to Look For

Gummy bears and jelly tots bring back fond memories of our childhood, so it didn’t take long before someone would create CBD-infused gummies. They are exactly what they say on the tin: delicious gummy sweets that are infused with all of the goodness and positive therapeutic effects of CBD. More CBD and THC fans are turning to the gummies instead of the CBD tincture in order to avoid the hempy taste the oil provides and they are equally as effective as the CBD is slowly absorbed through the tissue in your mouth’s lining, right into your bloodstream. There is also something soothing about sucking on a sweet while deep in concentration at work or binge-watching your favorite show.
And as the popularity of CBD gummies—also known as CBD gummy bears or cannabidiol gummies—increases, there are sadly certain companies popping up all over the Internet who create cheap products—they are inexpensive to buy but also lacking in quality. In light of this, and in order to help you get the most bang for your buck, here is what to look for in a superior quality brand of CBD gummies.

Research the Brand Thoroughly

In order for CBD edibles to be effective and beneficial to you, you want to spend a decent amount of time ensuring that the brand you are purchasing from is reputable. What makes a gummy effective is obviously the concentration and purity of CBD present and this is a result of the CBD extraction process being performed under the right conditions. A reputable brand will always provide information on their extraction process and how their gummies are made—even if you cannot see the information immediately visible on their website, drop them an email and they should be able to answer your questions.

Find Out Which Strain Has Been Used

Those in the know about medical marijuana and CBD will be aware of the fact that different strains of the plant will be more suited to treat particular ailments. For example, there are some strains that focus more on reducing inflammation and pain, while others are highly recommended for treating conditions like insomnia and anxiety. You also want to check where the plant has been grown and ensure that the seeds used to grow the plant are of the highest quality and have passed a form of quality control.

Organic and GMO-Free CBD Gummies

If you want to experience the maximum benefits that CBD gummies can provide you with, then make sure the product you are buying is entirely organic and pesticide-free. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then understandably you will want to select a brand that does not use animal-based gelatin in order to uphold your personal beliefs. Another factor to consider is dietary requirements; try to choose a gummy brand that uses only organic sugars, natural flavors and no chemical nasties.

Third-Party Testing of CBD Gummies

Buying the Best CBD Gummies: What to look for

Anyone can buy some weed and try to make their own oil and/or edibles at home and then sell them online and furthermore, not all legitimate brands will use third-party lab testing to confirm the quality and content of their products. A trustworthy CBD brand will always make it known that they use third-party lab testing on each batch of their products and they should be able to provide lab certificates on request of the customer. If you find that you are struggling to obtain this information from your brand of choice, it might be time to start looking for a more transparent and trustworthy provider!


Just as there are different strengths of CBD oil, the same is true of gummies. If you want to get the best value for money then you should make sure that you are using the correct potency for your needs and the packaging of the product you purchase should clearly display the potency of the gummies, which will inform you exactly how many milligrams of CBD are present in each gummy sweet.


A good quality CBD gummy brand is not going to be cheap—but it also doesn’t have to be extortionately priced, either. Most reputable CBD brands are slightly more expensive than others due to the fact that they have invested a ton of money into the production process ensuring that their customers get the best quality product on the market. If you think that the pricing of a particular brand’s gummies is too good to be true, it probably is. Therefore, bear in mind that pricing plays a role in the quality of a product.


Finally, one of the best ways to select a good product is to do your research. There is plenty of information on reputable websites that can give you further insight into a particular brand and you will also find several reliable forums on social media that you can use to find out about other peoples’ experiences of taking a particular brand of gummies.

This article is originally published at Sunday Scaries.