Best Strains of Cannabis for Nausea in 2022

Humans have given cannabis a medicinal role for millennia. And one of the things that we most often use it for is reducing nausea. However, some strains are better suited for this role than others. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best strains of cannabis for nausea you’ll find in 2022.

strains for nausea

Cannabis for Nausea: How It Works

Cannabis contains two main active ingredients: THC and CBD. Generally, you can usually trace a number of marijuana’s effects—from its psychoactive components to its physical properties—to one of these two compounds.

Research on rats has indicated that both THC and CBD can reduce feelings of nausea. The compounds do this by binding with a specific type of receptor in your nervous system: the CB1 receptor. Another relatively recent study from the University of New Mexico discovered that smoking cannabis flower appears to relieve nauseous sensations almost instantly. This UNM study also found that smoking joints appears to offer better relief than pipes or bongs. What exactly are the best strains of cannabis to smoke if you’re feeling nauseous?

Best Strains for Nausea in 2022

Generally, indica and indica-dominant hybrid strains appear to have the biggest impact on reducing feelings of nausea. We kept that in mind when we put this list together of some of our favorite indica strains.

strains for nausea

Ice Cream Mints

If you want to ease your tummy and experience a refreshing flavor, Ice Cream Mints could be the way to go. This 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid is the result of a cross between 33 Flavors and Larrycake. It also has a high THC content, which can often sit higher than 25%.

Thanks to a combination of these two factors, Ice Cream Mints is the cherry on top of our list of the best cannabis strains for nausea. It’s also super relaxing, to the point of inducing sleepiness in some fans. As a result, it may be best used at night.

Banana OG

Here’s another 70/30 indica-dominant hybrid that may be able to ease nausea. This delicious creation is what you get after combining Banana and OG Kush. Its fruity, sweet taste offers more tropical vibes than other entries on this list.

Banana OG’s THC level hovers around 25%. That’s not all this strain has to offer, though. It also contains significant levls of the grand symptom alleviator compound CBD, usually maxing out between 1% and 2%. This might not sound like a lot at first. However, most strains contain negligible amounts of CBD, making Banana OG’s levels higher than average.

strains for nausea

Bubble Gum

Sometimes called “Bubba Gum” (and sometimes spelled “Bubblegum”), Bubble Gum isn’t actually an indica-dominant hybrid. Instead, it’s a 50/50 true hybrid. Its lineage is a little murky, though we know it involves a rare strain called Indiana Bubblegum.

Bubble Gum frequently tests around 17% THC, so it could be great for users who want a more toned-down psychoactive effect. By combining hybrid genetics, this strain tends to exhibit less sedative and relaxing properties. Instead, it’s a little more uplifting and invigorating. That makes it a good middle-of-the-road strain for newer and veteran cannabis users alike who want to alleviate nausea during the daytime in lieu of consuming the super-charged indica strains on this list.

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