The entire world seems to be turned onto terpenes due to their focal point in differentiating strains of cannabis, but that is just the beginning. Basically speaking, terpenes are the volatile aromatic molecules that a plant or flower emits. While there are over 100 terpenes present in cannabis, there are over 50,000 other terpenes that exist in the remainder of the plant world. In fact, there is an entire sector of science surrounding terpenes called Olfaction, which has been the basis of Nobel Prize research. Olfaction science has proven that terpenes have incredible effects in reaching biological targets (receptor groups) in the brain and body – turning on or off different regions responsible for a variety of physiological and psychological events. In simpler terpenes, the inhalation of specific terpene blends can create a calm, relaxed state while a different terpene set can create an aroused, energetic state. Or as any aficionado of marijuana knows certain terpenes present in cannabis can create the munchies (hunger) but they might not have been aware that other terpenes outside cannabis can create satiety (fullness).