Triple Seven Flower Strain Review : Wedding Cake

Welcome to the Lakeside Remedy blog, Navigating Legal Marijuana. In this forum, we intend to discuss anything cannabis, with a focus on product description. It’s our hope that this blog acts as a guide for the cannabis consumer in their purchasing decisions. In today’s post we are detailing the strain Wedding Cake, grown and bred by Triple Seven.

Wedding Cake is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. This award winning cultivar took the First Place Indica prize at the 2019 SoCal Cannabis Cup, in Los Angeles. Often testing over 25%, this stony, resinous flower is literally “second to none.” Triple Seven prides themselves on cultivating top shelf flower sold at a customer friendly price. Their rendition of Wedding Cake leans towards it’s OG lineage, wile the flavor and smell deliver a spicy, gassy note. The stone is a heavy indica, mainly hitting the body, making it helpful for anxiety and pain.

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