There’s a lot of good weed in Washington State. But Lilac City Gardens in Spokane and Treehawk Farms in Chimacum grow some of the best.
Washington state is known for many things: the rain, Microsoft, the Space Needle, beautiful mountains, apples, evergreen trees, and great cannabis.
A few years ago, Washington’s medical marijuana scene was bustling in Seattle, Bellingham, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, and the Olympic Peninsula. These cities have long provided most of the state’s best cannabis. Today, Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane and Bellingham are still growing the best cannabis in Washington.
But today, weed is also accessible all over the West Coast. Consumers have become more discerning. They want their pot to have good flavor, no pesticides and a high potency level. Many consumers simply look for high THC percentages at the dispensary.
But they might be missing something. While THC plays an important role in the effects of cannabis, it doesn’t account for the full effect of any bud. Cannabis also contains terpenes, unique flavor compounds found in each strain. These terpenes also impact the effects on a user.
But for the average consumer, it can be tough to figure out what’s in your weed. In Washington, inconsistent testing has created major trust issues when it comes to percentages for THC, CBD and terpenes. Industry players as well as the consumers don’t think the numbers accurately represent the various types of highs from product to product.
This has created multiple issues for consistencies and labeling, but when it comes to the best cannabis, regardless of numbers, only a handful of names come to mind. Two of Washington’s top farms are located in Spokane and Chimacum, and both have mastered the art of craft cannabis farming at commercial scale.
What does that mean?
Over the last few years, these small farms have grown to become two of the best commercial operations in the state. They produce some of the best cannabis on the West Coast.
With each harvest, Lilac City Gardens (Spokane) and Treehawk Farms (Chimacum) continue to impress. Lilac City is best known for their UW Purple, God’s Gift, and Sour Berry strains. Treehawk’s Candyland Cookies, Magnum P.I., and Chocolate Thai have become legendary strains.