Are you doing business in Washington State? You definitely need to know about The Cannabis Alliance.
As the cannabis industry continue to grow, companies need access to valuable business resources.
Many people think the legal cannabis business is easy money. In the new-industry rush, some companies may overlook ethical and sustainable business practices in favor of efficiency and profit.
Others want to operate with integrity and to meet standards applied rigorously to other industries. Some companies already operate in accordance the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and other federal guidelines.
But when everything is so new, these businesses face challenges. They can benefit from planning, lobbying efforts and information-sharing networks.
That’s where the Cannabis Alliance comes in.
So what exactly is The Cannabis Alliance?
The alliance is “a non-profit, membership-based association of individuals, businesses, government officials, and non-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of a vital, ethical, and sustainable cannabis industry.” Their team is heavily involved with education, advocacy and lobbying government leaders in Washington’s state capitol. The Cannabis Alliance is comprised of over 200 businesses and is considered the largest industry association.
Members of the Alliance can be seen at countless events ranging from socials and mixers to business events and vendor marketplaces. According to The Cannabis Alliance website, their team understands that “the war on drugs has created misconceptions, mistrust and even fear about the industry and legalization.” The alliance wants to improve the business environment for members, also helping to set the highest possible industry standards. Their work helps businesses provide a higher quality experience for consumers, thus improving the likelihood of a positive customer experience.
Since 2016, The Cannabis Alliance has aimed to empower the legal cannabis industry. Hosting a variety of informative events and providing valuable industry updates are just two ways they support the cannabis space. The alliance is a key resource for brands looking to work alongside a group who is already advocating, educating and engaging with the community. Reach out to them today and ask how you can get more involved with your community.